Meh. Just chalk it up to good writing. The premise can be out there completely but if the writing is good and the characters are well developed then you can get away with anything. Also, some people like to see sci-fi and fantasy squeezed for every drop of the fantastical it can deliver. Especially with today's… » 9/01/14 2:54pm Yesterday 2:54pm

I know they need another main woman character because without Nora , this show would be an almost complete sausage fest but I am not feeling Dutch at all. She's an unlikable character and the actress isn't doing the role any favors. Seriously, they could have built up Gabriel's manager, Wain's part. Hopefully, she… » 9/01/14 11:10am Yesterday 11:10am

This story is close to my heart because my family was one of those Hispanic families who lived in Brooklyn when it was, according to their words, "A shithole." I grew up in the burbs of Virginia, so I had both an outsider's vision and insider's ear to the whole thing. They were always complaining how you would have to… » 8/28/14 5:01pm Thursday 5:01pm

If you live on the East Coast and want to find where all the hipsters have gone to all you need to do is find the Hasidic neighborhood. Where there are Hasidic jews, there will be DIY hipsters soon after. And where there are DIY hipsters, soon there will be trust fund yuppies posing as hipsters and you will have your… » 8/28/14 12:33pm Thursday 12:33pm

I am one of those rare birds that don't really miss pop culture things from my childhood. A child of the 80's and 90's. Most cartoons growing up were just long commercials for toys. The animation was bad and the story lines were worse. Every show wasn't like Gargoyles or the Galaxy Rangers. Sci-fi, horror and fantasy… » 8/26/14 7:39am 8/26/14 7:39am