Gotham slams "The Anvil and the Hammer" - recap/review

Written by Jordan Harper and directed by Paul Edwards, this episode was not as symmetrical as last week’s but there was still plenty of noir camp to look at.

The episode opens up the next day after the last episode ended.

After being shown Ogre’s sex-danger room, Barbara has decided to stay over night. Why she didn’t go running for the hills is anyone’s guess. I can see whips and clamps but Ogre had axes in that room. What did Barbara think was going on? That Ogre was really into Vikings? That he collected memorabilia from Nine Inch Nails’ “Closer” video? That he liked to role play Mad Max: The Road Warrior characters? What?! We will never know.


But now it’s morning and Barbara is ready to head home to her own place that has a giant clock on the wall. (Seriously, Gotham set decorators. What is the deal with the clocks?) However, Ogre has other plans. He wants her to stay. She does not. That’s when Ogre confesses that he had planned to murder her from the start but now knows that she is the woman that he has been searching for, Barbara isn’t flattered and makes a break for the door. It’s locked. She’s trapped. Ogre sighs and puts a bag over her head. “So, you want to do it the hard way.” And takes her away.

Meanwhile, Gordon is back at the precinct trying to find where Ogre has taken Barbara. Thompkins shows up with food in hand looking for an update. No word. Not good. But no body. So, there’s a chance that Barbara is still alive. Still, Gordon feels guilty for what has happened to Barbara. Thompkins wants to comfort him but all she can say is, “I understand.”

Harvey shows up with a new clue on the case, a JV pimp named, Jake. Word on the street says he knows who Ogre is. Time to interrogate.


Elsewhere in Gotham Central, Nygma is struggling, trying to get two wheeled steamer trunks to his morgue office. Luckily for him, with him being Ed, everyone ignores him as he makes it there undetected. Inside the room, he opens one of the trunks to reveal the disassembled remains of one dead cop, Dougherty.


“Okeydoke,” he says, “No body, no crime. No body, no crime.”

He starts to get to work.

Back with Harvey and Gordon, Jake the pimp is clamming up. He looks at the sketch of the Ogre and says he’s never seen the guy in the drawing before. Gordon tells him that they think that sketch guy is a serial killer and he’s kidnapped a woman. Jake asks how much is his information worth to Gordon. Money-wise. Gordon gets to his feet. Good cop/ bad cop is over. Now it’s time for Punch until your a bloody pulp cop.


“Think I saw some doughnuts outside with my name all over them,” says Harvey as he leaves the room.

Soon afterward, Gordon comes out with the information needed.

“Jake worked as a barman at a brothel called The Foxglove. Said the Ogre was a regular. Can’t give us a location.”


Turns out The Foxglove is never in the same place twice. You need to know someone on the inside to get in. Gordon realizes he has no choice but to turn to Cobblepot for more answers.


Cut back to Ogre at his place explaining all of his kills to a chained up Barbara. (Cue the American Psycho flashbacks.)

Next we go Wayne Manor, where Alfred delivers an envelope to Bruce that just came by way of messenger. Alfred has to leave to identify Reggie’s body. Bruce asks him if he wants company. Alfred declines. Bruce says, “I’m sorry, Alfred, I know he was your friend.” Alfred is still confused over how Reggie died, falling out of a window. “Reggie was a legend. He could be blind drunk and walk a tightrope.” Alfred departs, leaving Bruce alone to open the envelope. Inside is a key and a note from Selina attached to it. “Hope you find what you need. Be careful. -Selina.”


Cut to Butch at Lidia’s Italian restaurant. He claims he’s there to check up on the place on Cobblepot’s behalf. But what he’s really there is to plant guns under the bar ledge. And does so.


Back at Cobblepot’s bar, Butch and Cobblepot discuss the plans. (Set note: I love those umbrella lamps. Sometimes this show can go a little to on the nose with its comic book references. And sometimes, like here, it can be terrific.)

Gordon walks in asking to know where The Foxglove is. Cobblepot plays coy until Gordon pulls a gun on him.


“You think you know who I am,” growls Gordon. “What I am capable of? You have no idea.”


Cobblepot agrees to give the information but not before telling him, “You owe me a big favor.”

Cut to Bruce being given a tour of Wayne Enterprises. He asks to be excused to use the restroom. But instead of going to the Gents’, he finds the nearest fire alarm and sets it off.


Back at Gotham Central, Gordon gives Harvey the information to where The Foxglove is as well as an invitation to it.

“Smart move sending me, “Harvey says, “You couldn’t look more like a cop if you wore the blue uniform.”


We return to Ogre who unchains Barbara, still believing her to be the one. We get it, she’s your Nancy to your Sid. Mazel tov. He shows her photos of his past victims. She passes out.

Meanwhile, back at Wayne Enterprises, Bruce sneaks into Bunderslaw’s office. He finds Bunderslaw’s safe and opens it. Empty.


“Hello, Bruce.”

Bruce turns around to see Bunderslaw standing behind him.

“I’ve been expecting you.”

Turns out Bunderslaw knew that Selina lifted the key from him and he has been expecting Bruce ever since. Still, he offers the young wannabee detective a cookie. (Though you have to ask yourself what sort of CEO just has a jar of cookies in their office? An awesome one, I can guess.)


Bruce confronts him telling Bunderslaw about how he sent Reggie to kill him. He protests saying that he sent Reggie to find out how much Bruce knew.

“I told the board you are a special case. That you needed the talk early.”

“The talk?” asks Bruce.

Bunderslaw then tells that when Waynes get a certain age they are told the truth about the Enterprise. It’s anything for a profit. Anything.


Bruce can’t believe that his father would go along with such a thing.

(At this point, Bunderslaw is all but wearing an owl mask from The Court of Owls. But, hey, that’s probably for next season. And for those who are going, “The Court of Owls?” Basically, they are a secret organization of Gotham’s oldest and richest families that go back to colonial times. Where as the mob controls the underworld. The Court of the Owls controls the above world. Business, banks, higher government, etc.)


It is at that moment than none other but, junior executive, Lucius Fox walks in.


He walks Bruce out to the elevator and quietly confesses that Bruce’s father, Thomas, was indeed a good man despite what Bunderslaw said.

“Bruce, your father was a true Stoic. He kept his best self hidden. That’s all I’ll say.”


Back with Nygma. He is about to clean the meat off Doughtery’s bones when Kringle comes knocking on the door needing the Hendricks files.

She spies the body parts in the sink and gasps. Not because Ed has murdered someone but because she thinks that this is part of his job. His horrible, disgusting job.


“What happened to him?”

“Axe-uh,” Ed corrects himself, “accidental death. At a sheet metal factory. Industrial saw.”


She then asks if he’s seen Doughtery around. Seems he’s vanished and she can’t find him anywhere.

Nygma says he hasn’t seen him either and excuses himself in order to get back to work.


And we are back at Cobblepot’s where he is talking hitman plans with Connor. Everything is set up. Malroni is guaranteed to be at Lidia’s because his personal hitman, Tommy Bones, is finally out of jail. All Connor has to do is go there, grab the hidden guns, tell Malroni that Falcone says, “Hi,” and just kill him. Wham, bam, thank you, ma’am.

Cut to Lidia’s where Malroni is doing just that. Welcoming Tommy home.

Switch over to The Foxglove where Harvey walks in dressed to the nines in his fine Italian suit.


He’s ready for a night of sexy times.

However, what he gets is a Lynch-Cronenberg mix through an Eyes Wide Shut blender.


And for once I am glad this show is on network television. Given how much they push with the violence on this show, I’d hate to see what they would do if given free range in the sex department.


Even Harvey throws in the towel and takes out his badge once the donkey show portion of the night starts. (Only with a swine and chainsaw in this version.)

And we are back with Ogre, who gives Barbara an ultimatum. She chooses someone for Ogre to kill or he kills her. He thinks once she does this, she will “be free” and her true self will show. Not exactly the best therapy exercise. But she whispers in his ear her target.


Back at The Foxglove, Gordon shows up with the rest of the GCPD. The club runners are being interrogated. Gordon and Harvey comes across a hostess named Sally who has actually had a run in with Ogre. He has left her with a scar on the side of the face. But also of memories of where his apartment was at. Midtown. With a big neon sign outside that ended with the letters O-Y-A-L.

“Royal. Gotham Royal Hotel,” realizes Harvey.

He and Gordon know exactly where that is.

Before they leave, Sally stops Gordon, “Promise me, when you find him, don’t arrest him. Kill him.”


“You got it.”

Meanwhile at Lidia’s, Connor and his crew waltz in while Malroni is just relaxing and hanging out with his.


“Don Falcone sends me with his respects and a small gift for you and Tommy Bones on this happy day,” says Connor as he hands over a bottle of Madre di Dios. (I have no idea what sort of booze that is. But if it’s called, “Mother of God” you know it has to have one hell of a kick.)

And as Malroni calls for clean glasses, that’s when Connor and cronies grab the hidden guns. But as Connor is about to kill Falcone and his boys, it turns out the guns don’t fire. None of them do. Without hesitation, Malroni’s men take out their guns and slaughters Connor’s men. Malroni grabs Connor and kills him declaring war on Falcone.


And return to Cobblepot’s where the place is hopping. The band on stage is doing a punk cover of The Specials’ “Do the Dog.” (And it’s great cover. Seriously, does anyone know who this band is? This show needs to put out a soundtrack album. Throughout the the season, it’s like they’ve raided my music collection. And I want some of these covers. Also, it reminds me we need a third wave of punk/ska revival. It has been twenty years since the last one. Yes, I know you feel old. But also twenty years before that one last. So, we are due for a new one. Anyway, back to Gotham.)


Butch comes rushing in to tell Cobblepot that the hit attempt was a bust and they’ve got to leave NOW. Cobblepot smiles and tells him he knew it was going to fail. That he was the one who took out the firing pins from the guns. However, he knows he or Butch are not in danger. Connor led Malroni to believe that it was Falcone who put the hit out, not Cobblepot. Now there is going to be a war and Malroni and Falcone will take each other leaving him king of the hill.


Cut to Ed talking to Doughtery’s clean skull. He knows that Kringle is going to wonder where Doughtery went and decides to write her a Dear John letter on the cop’s behalf. Then he proceeds to put the skull in a gunny sack and smash it with a hammer. Bye- bye forever, Abusive Cop Boyfriend.

Meanwhile, Gordon and Harvey find Ogre’s place but it’s empty. No Ogre or Barbara. Gordon’s phone rings. It’s Ogre telling him that Barbara no longer needs him. “She’s as safe as milk. She doesn’t need your protection. Fact is, she never did.” He hangs up. Gordon and Harvey figure out from the background noise in the phone call where Ogre is and rush to get him.


And where is Ogre?

At Barbara’s folks’ place.

That’s who Barbara has chosen for Ogre to kill.


Good-bye the WASP-iest folk to have ever WASPed. Seriously, who lounges around the house while wearing scarves and fancy watches? WASPs, that’s who.

Soon after Gordon and Harvey come into the mansion with guns drawn but no back up. Because this is a noir show and the lead cops never come with back-up. That’s the rule.


Gordon discovers the Keans dead on the couch. (Yeah, and that’s a cream colored couch. Good luck on getting the blood stains out of it.)

In walks a dazed, crazy eyed Barbara.

“What are you doing there?” she asks.

At the same time, Harvey is going through the house looking for Ogre. But he doesn’t need to go far as Ogre gets the jump on him. He pushes Harvey down the stairs.


Back to Barbara.

“You’re not suppose to be here,” she tells Gordon.

“Where is he?” Gordon asks.

Right behind you, Jim.

Ogre lunges at Gordon with a knife. The two fall to the ground and wrestle as Barbara still in a daze watches on. Ogre manages to get stabbed but also to his feet. He grabs Barbara and brings a knife to her throat.


“Drop it,” demands Gordon as he points his gun at Ogre. “Drop the knife or I’ll shoot.”


Ogre demands that Gordon put down the gun. That if he slits Barbara’s throat, her death would be on Gordon.

“Jim, please,” begs Barbara, “Just leave us alone.”

“HEY, JERK-O!” yells Harvey as he walks in behind Ogre.

Ogre turns only for Gordon to shoot him in the head. He drops to the floor dead, knicking Barbara in the throat as he does so.


Gordon holds her and tells her, “It’s gonna be okay.”

(Yeah, no one is believing that Gordon. Nice try though.)

Cut to Wayne Manor. Bruce is at his desk still playing Hardy Boy detective when Alfred walks into the room to gather Bruce’s tea. Bruce confesses to what really happened to Reggie. How Selina pushed Reggie.


“Why did she do that?” asks Alfred.

Bruce tells him about Bunderslaw and about what that man said about Thomas Wayne. How he and his father, Bruce’s grandfather, knew about the evil things the company was doing and chose to look the other way.


“Your father was a good man,” says Alfred.

“I know,” answers Bruce, “But even good men have secrets.”

And we are back to Gotham Central where Gordon is being treated like the hero of the hour for catching the Ogre. He knows the praise will be short lived though. Thompkins is there. He apologizes to her for how he treated her the day before. She says that she was scared that something was going to happen to Barbara and Gordon would feel guilty. Making everything that they had between Thompkins and him die. Gordon admits that it is her that he really loves. Not Barbara. They kiss.


Meanwhile with Ms. Kringle. Ed walks in her office as she is reading the Dear John letter she thinks was written by Doughtery. She’s hurt and pissed.

“Why do I always keep picking creeps?” she asks.

“Sometimes with men, you need to read between the lines,” says Ed.

“Sometimes with men, you need a drink.”

She walks out of the room, leaving Ed to look over his handiwork in the letter. There is a code. With each first letter of every line spelling out his last name, NYGMA. He is as pleased as punch with himself over this. Clever boy.


Cut to Bruce still doing his wall of clues. He pins a picture of his father up.

Open to Falcone’s home where Malroni has sent him a present/message. A box of Maroni’s tomato paste. And before you can yell, “WHAT’S IN THE BOX??!!” in Brad Pitt’s voice, the Don opens it to reveal Connor’s head. (See what I mean. This show is gory. Just imagine The Foxglove without restrictions. *shudder*)


The war has started and everyone is already coming out with machine guns blazing.

It’s only going to get bloodier from here on out.



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